It is the best job in the world! Values Based Training

Life’s Turns

It’s All About Family

As we travel down our life’s roads, we often face decisions as to which way to turn. Depending on the choice we make and the turn we choose, we either enjoy success or feel the sting of failure. But when our decisions are based on strong family values combined with a “workplace community,” the results prove to be extremely successful. When you look at every success story, examine how it all happened. One thing stands out. One area continuously rises to the top. Family! Families make a community and a community is stronger than any one individual. A community that supports and promotes family values is unbeatable. Does your fire department or do your members believe in this concept? After all, it does serve as the foundation for everything we do in the fire service. For without family values, we’re just a rudderless ship adrift in life’s ocean hoping what happens, happens for the right reasons.