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The Three Degrees of Mayday

This program is a discussion about 3 categories or situations that firefighters can find themselves in that could result in a Mayday operation.  Not every Mayday is the same and as a result not every RIT operation will be the same.  Rapid Intervention Teams need to prepare for various urgent and dangerous situations of increasing difficulty.

A single firefighter that is lost in a house fire may be handled adequately by a 4-person RIT with little other assistance.  A 3-person engine company crew that experiences a loss of water or sudden flashover will require a larger and more robust RIT operation along with additional logistical support.  The collapse of a burning building that traps 6 firefighters in a 2-story burning pile of debris will require an even more complex response.

Join Chiefs Lasky and Salka as they discuss this new perspective on Mayday and RIT operations and learn how you can prepare your firefighters to handle ANY mayday situation with confidence.